Get your Company’s Marketing In Line

I was having a conversation with a friend and roofing contractor owner just recently and as he described the challenges he was having in successfully marketing his business only smiled. Not at him or his scenario but in that among the greatest issues that prevents success is all the rubbish provided as knowledge and essential actions to obtaining his phone to ring.

The reality is that there are only a few fundamentals and by simply mastering them, most of the success you look for will be at hand.

It’s reminiscent of the talk that coach Vince Lombardi offered to his Green Bay Packers group in July of 1961 after losing an NFL Championship to the Philadelphia Eagles the previous year.

In his book, “When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi,” author David Maraniss stated that Lombardi gathered his team and told them: “Gentlemen, this is a football,” while holding a pigskin in his right hand. He was speaking about the basics of the video game.

Things like blocking, tackling and running or passing the ball are the reasons that one team wins more than another.

So, exactly what I’m motivating you to do as you read this post is to dismiss most of what you’ve ever been told about Internet marketing of your company and think about only the important basics of success and/or failure in marketing your roof service.

These 3 things, done correctly can help your overall marketing and help drive your ROI. Exactly what are they?

First, it’s your understanding of your perfect consumer. Who are they? Which part of your community do they live in? Exactly what is their primary motivation for purchasing your product or services? What makes them select your company over your competitors?

Knowing these aspects of who your perfect consumer is likewise helps you to call them out in your marketing. It likewise helps you to utilize your marketing to disqualify those customers you ‘d rather not serve anyhow.

A common concern with customer selection is when a professional is certified to do both domestic and commercial roofing repair work. The problem with this is the purchasers are really various. They have different requirements and different inspirations. If you can pass by one as your favored client, they should be marketed separately.

Next, is your website. You have one right? A dollar gets you $10 that your site does little to nothing to assist you communicate that you have the only solution to the problem your ideal consumer wants and is encouraged by.

What’s worse is that many websites today are built by graphic artists who by training and impulses will aim to build a beautiful website. What you want is a website that is effective and helps your customer to select you and act on that choice.

Does your site identify your perfect client “dog-whistle” style someplace near the top of the page? A main requirement of people browsing the web for things is to find out rapidly if they remain in the ideal location.

For instance, this roofing company in Denver, CO is doing a fantastic job of targeting their ideal consumers.

If your ideal possibility is a property owner in the Lakewood location of Colorado with hail damage to their asphalt shingle roofing and your words and images don’t communicate that clearly, how can you expect them to know your business offers them the very best solution to their issue?

How clearly is your call to action or next step presented to website visitors? Has your team determined all of the things that individuals are currently searching for when it concerns buying services you use and created material that seeks to assist those searchers to obtain answers?

If not, it ‘d be a smart idea to include that to your to-do list.

Lastly, there is visibility. I’ve informed my clients for some time that to unlock the door to all the opportunity in your market, you need to be visible where the biggest number of your ideal consumers will look when they have a roof problem.

Being discovered at the top of the Google AdWords is vital if you wish to catch those individuals who have an immediate requirement for a roofer.

Then, getting things set-up properly to appear in the top three spots in the Google My Business/Map section (in the middle of page one of Google search results page for the majority of keywords), can bring a flood of new calls and leads in your front door.

Last but not least is for Google to decide that you have the very best website for lots of search questions for a roofer in your market. When they decide you are better than your competition implies they will frequently include your website in the leading 10 organic search results page for your keywords.

There is constantly a portion of all searches online that are especially interested in the organic listings on page one; they will visit, read and think about for themselves whether you can help them. If they believe you can help them, they contact you, in many cases immediately.

So, there you have it, the 3 things for you to focus your efforts on when it comes to your roof companies internet marketing. Do these things and you’ll get your phone calling a lot more often.

6 Ways to Be Safe on the Roof in Winter Season

Throughout the winter months, there are few areas more dangerous than the roof of a home. Those ill-prepared for the challenges of winter season roof jobs run the risk of both injury and death. Here are six things to keep in mind when roofing throughout the winter season:

1. Hypothermia

Hypothermia takes place when a person’s core body temperature level falls below the level required to keep the vital organs operating. The two elements that promote hypothermia are low temperatures and wetness. Human perspiration in combination with winter cold conspire to carry out temperature away from an employee’s body when dealing with roofs.

The indications that a person has hypothermia include sudden sleepiness, shallow breathing and clumsiness. If you or anybody on your crew thinks someone has hypothermia, call instantly for emergency situation help, remove any damp clothes and get the private to a heated location as rapidly as possible. If a heated area isn’t close, cover the individual with a dry blanket (wool or emergency Mylar blankets are the very best).

When doing roof work in the winter, wearing three layers of clothing is the best method to assist an individual’s body fight the dangers of hypothermia:

An Inner Layer. The inner layer’s purpose is to eliminate body moisture.

An Insulation Layer. Wool or goose down are the very best material for insulation layers.

An Exterior Layer. The last layer ought to be water resistant.

Also, make sure to always bring a change of clothes and a Mylar or wool blanket in the work truck, simply in case you or somebody on your team catches hypothermia.

2. Frostbite

When your skin is not correctly secured from the wind and freezing temperatures, frostbite can happen. The areas of the body most vulnerable to frostbite for roofing contractors are the ears, nose, fingers and toes. You will understand when you have contracted frostbite due to the fact that the affected part of your body will suddenly lose feeling and eventually turn white, yellow, and, eventually, blue or black.

If you or a member of your team gets frostbite, right away raise the temperature of the body extremity in lukewarm water and call for emergency situation aid.

3. Falls

Every roofing system job needs a defense plan. Use short-term roof guardrails to protect your team from falls. Understand, however, that fall-in-place mishaps are more typical, and generally happen when workers alter instructions or change an approach of gain access to (from a ladder onto a roofing system, for instance).

Likewise, when using a roofing ladder, always use the “three-point guideline.” This guideline merely states that a roofer should have at least three points of contact with the ladder at all times. 2 feet and one hand or two hands and one foot are both appropriate configurations when using a ladder in winter.

Be sure to inspect your work ladder for ice. In some cases a roofing contractor will slip on an icy ladder called and injure themselves before they even make it to the roofing system.

4. Winter season Driving

Do not forget to consider job-related travel hazards. Providing roofing professionals with a protective driving course is constantly a good idea. You will get an insurance break, and will understand with self-confidence that your team will be trained in winter season owning strategies. If at all possible, don’t do roofing system operate in temperatures listed below 40 degrees. This will assist to avoid material failure, lost labor and possible injury.

5. De-Icing and Snow Removal

Always use a trained team for getting rid of ice and snow prior to your team accesses the roof. If the people fixing the roof also do the snow and ice removal, they might overlook their own security and concentrate on finishing the repair work.

Another snow danger is its capacity to conceal roofing parts from your work group. For instance, even a light snow drift can hide a skylight or other roof opening, which can result in an employee falling through and harmful both themselves and the roof.

When it comes to eliminating ice from the roofing system, de-ice with salt. Be favorably certain all snow is also eliminated, considering that stepping on snow, even on a flat roof, can quickly make an employee lose their center of mass and slide.

6. Dehydration

Roofing professionals require a rehydration strategy, yet couple of include one into their daily routine. Some of the crucial elements of this strategy will be the following:

A morning stretch before working, which includes at least 16 ounces of bottled water. Anything less than 16 ounces of water threats possible dehydration.

Keeping an eye on urine color. If your urine is darker than normal, that indicates an individual has low kidney filtration and has to hydrate.

Consume more vegetables and fruit treats. The included moisture in vegetables and fruits will assist ward off dehydration.

Have a thermos loaded with hot chicken or tomato soup throughout a break. Unlike a sandwich, these liquids are not only delicious, they will keep you and your team hydrated. If you plan to have a couple of beers after work, go after each beer with a glass of water. It’s fine to get some brews with your team, just make certain to hydrate as you go. After you have your 2 cups of coffee in the morning, prevent it for the rest of the day. Coffee is a notorious diuretic. Stay away from it while doing outside winter season work.

Staying safe on rooftops at any time of the year must constantly be a top priority. In winter, however, its significance ends up being far more crucial. Follow these tips, and you’ll cut your danger considerably.

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