What is a Nail Magnet?

There is always a need of nail magnets for roofers and it grows due to the concerns of many house owners about nails, which are left in the grass during a roofing project. Several roofing contractors are using this for the promotion of their roofing services by differentiating themselves on the extra cleanup efforts. Besides this, the debris on a roofing job site is a serious concern.

What is a Nail Magnet and how it Works

Nail magnets are magnetized push brooms on wheel that can pick up any metal such as nails, screws, pins, staples and other small metal pieces in the debris on a roofing site. This nail magnet contains a release button that can dispose of metal screws and nails. Many home owners purchase them after the roofing contractors have finished a roofing job and carelessly left a ton of debris in their lawn or backyard. Which can be harmful for kids, pets and car tires. These nail magnets can help you find out all these metal bits and can also pick them in a couple of rolling passes.

It is extremely important to clean any construction site because the left over metal debris may pose serious safety concerns. If the roofing site is residential, it is the duty of the roofing contractor to make sure that there are no nails left, to avoid the risk of someone getting a sharp metal piece through his or her foot. It happens very often that screws and nails burst the contractor’s tires, so cleaning up the place can prevent costly repair as well. Residential roofing is the industry which always demands proper site cleanup. Roofing process requires a ton of nails, and if your roofer is in a hurry then it is possible several nails ends up falling into the backyard. This situation is very true for the houses who have sloping roofs.

There are so many nail magnets available in the market today that helps to clear out even that debris, which is hiding in small and confined spaces. Now a day’s many roofing contractors are using a variety of these tools to build up their reputation.  `